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2 Players  ●  20 minutes  ●  Ages 8+

Raise the Banners and Conquer the Kingdom!

In the magical realms of Muster, players recruit forces to their side with the aim of having enough strength to control the most castles by the end of the game.

Castles are home to the five Banners, under which serve soldiers, archers, a knight, a beast, and a ruler.

Rainbow Wizards join the fray, acting as floating yet powerful wild cards without allegiance, but beware, they are fickle friends who will just as easily switch players as Banners! 

2 Players  ●  5-10 minutes  ●  Ages 4+

A Meal Time Game for Two Fussy Eaters

Take turns to fill your fussy creature up with their favourite food. But watch out, there are other ravenous creatures about who might just eat your lunch!

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